Shadowing a Doctor

February 23, 2015

Learning new skills on a hospital shadowing placement.jpg The field of nursing has changed tremendously over the past few years. With the recent boom in the healthcare industry, not only are nurses getting the importance they well deserve, they are also earning better salaries, taking on more responsibilities in the workplace and playing more autonomous roles in a number of areas in the healthcare sector. Here are a few of the more significant trends that can already be seen in the nursing sector.

The Use Of Advanced Technology and State Of The Art Communication Channels

Technological advancements have played a major role in the changes in the way nurses work. Thanks to the invention of mobile gadgets like the Smartphone and tablets, nurses now have information at their finger tips and can use to improve their knowledge base and also make tremendous improvements in the healthcare sector. Nurses can now learn about new techniques in medicine that are being used halfway around the world. They can even get information within seconds in the case of an emergency.

As for the patients, technology enables them to get in touch with nurses even when it is physically not possible to travel to a hospital. Special hotlines are set up in some areas where nurses can give real-time advice over the phone and instruct a patient as to how they should tackle a medical emergency.

Working With A More Aware Patient Calls For Improved Communication Skills

The patient demographic too has changed tremendously in recent years. Today’s patient is more aware about their health and how their lifestyle and other factors play a role in preventing diseases and helping them stay healthy. This makes it all the more important for nurses to take the time to communicate with their patients and impart relevant information about their diagnosis and treatment schedules and procedures. It’s no longer enough to just dispense treatment and do their job mechanically. Today, nurses need to know how to treat patients tactfully and professionally.

Checking on baby after the long delivery in Tanzania The Opportunity To Work Beyond Retirement Age

The demand for nurses is greater than it has ever been before in history and it is all set to grow because of a combination of two factors – the greying of society and the increasingly autonomous role nurses are playing in the healthcare field. The worldwide shortage of qualified nurses means nurses can opt to keep working even beyond their retirement age.

Increasing Complexity In Patient Care Calls For Higher Focus On Interdisciplinary Skills

Our modern lifestyle combined with the increase in life expectancy has changed the healthcare scene tremendously in the past few years. As people live beyond their average life expectancy, the number of age-related diseases is on the rise. Because of the age factor, the focus is more on managing these diseases. Moreover, several of these conditions are related and cannot be treated in isolation. In this complex scenario, nurses need to engage in continued education to learn interdisciplinary skills that can help them provide their patients with more comprehensive healthcare, which could also include social issues.