Shadowing a Doctor

February 24, 2015

Observing at Kibosho dental surgery Most pre-dental students freeze at the thought of having to write their personal statement for admission into dental school. That’s not entirely surprising considering that their whole future hinges on getting this just right.

So what’s right and what’s wrong when composing this all-important essay? It may all sound very overwhelming at first but as you take time to brainstorm and put your thoughts on paper, deleting irrelevant ideas and adding new ones instead, you will eventually come up with a personal statement that is succinct and compelling and demonstrates your passion for dentistry.  


Keep these few basic rules in mind when composing your personal statement for dental school:

Focus On The Purpose of the Statement

What exactly is the purpose of a personal statement? It is to show the admissions authorities that you are a deserving applicant and you are better than the hundreds of other candidates who have also sent in their application. The best way to stay focused on this goal is to draft out the points that emphasise your commitment to the field. Highlight a few key facts that you think are most important and build your essay around these points. Writing out a draft of key points will ensure that you cover all the important highlights but still manage to keep the statement short and to-the-point.

Keep The Language Clear And Simple

Avoid using any kind of flowery language and Shakespearean quotes. While they may add an element of drama to the essay and make for interesting reading, using words and phrases that have nothing to do with dentistry are not likely to help your cause. Dental school admissions authorities are not interested in your love for poetry or drama. It is more important to keep the language of your essay clear and simple to read and comprehend so there is no mistaking your message.

Don’t Push The Boundaries With Inappropriate Humour

You may be the life of the party and all your friends may call you the king of comedy but don’t let that tempt you into trying to show off your funny side by injecting your personal statement with jokes or witty remarks. The person reading your application may not share your sense of humour and may even find it offensive. Even if they don’t, humour is inappropriate in a personal statement and is more likely to get your application rejected.

Show Your Passion for Dentistry

Your admission into dental school is dependent on more than just your UKCAT score or your grades in school. While the other documents in your application which will just state facts about yourself and your academic records, your personal statement gives you the opportunity to show your passion for this field. Use your statement to tell the admissions authorities why you KNOW you will make a great doctor and why you should be one of the chosen few for admission into their dental school. Convince them about your love for dentistry. Don’t resort to lies and clichés. Admissions authorities have seen it all and have an experienced eye. They will know immediately. Instead tell them the real truth about what motivated you to choose this particular path.