Common Mistakes During Dental School

March 4, 2015

A pre-dentistry student on her dentistry work experience placement in Tanzania Dental school involves a lot of hard work and determination. Although some people may sail through their four years of dental school, others may have a more difficult time. Between classroom lectures, laboratory assignments and working in the student dental clinic, you are likely to have your hands full.

Although every student is different, there are some common mistakes some people make in dental school. Learning what the mistakes are and how to avoid them can help make your next four years go smoother. Consider some of the common mistakes made in dental school.

  • Being unorganized 

The same studying habits you used during your undergrad career may not work during dental school. You have a lot more to juggle, and it builds each year. If you are already organized, you are in luck. If not, you may have to find ways to stay up to date with everything you have to do. Whether you need to use apps on your phone, a written planner or post sticky notes all over, finds organization methods, which work for you.

  • Becoming disconnected from family and friends

 Although you may be pretty busy during dental school, make time for the people in your life you care about. Carve out time to visit with friends and family. It is helpful to have a strong support system in order to get through the rigors of dental school.

  • Falling behind on clinical competencies

You have a lot of procedures you need to get checked off on during your four years of dental school. Do your best to stay current on all lab and clinical assignments. Before you can graduate, you need to be observed doing certain procedures. If you fall behind, you may be scrambling at the end of your senior year to perform procedures. Take the opportunities presented to you when you can to get things completed.

  • Working on the wrong tooth during student clinic

It may sound kind of funny, but it happens. Working on the wrong tooth during student clinic is not uncommon. Make sure you have the right patient and the correct procedure before moving forward. Taking the time to double check which tooth you should be working on is essential before getting started.

  • Inability to accept criticism

As a student, you need to take constructive criticism in order to improve. If you already knew how to do everything right, you would not need dental school. You are in school to learn. There may be situations where you are doing something incorrectly. Your professors are there to help you become a good dentist. Be open to what they have to teach you.

  • Not getting involved

There is a lot of activities you can get involved with during dental school, such as sports teams, study groups and social activities. Most dental schools have a variety of student clubs you can participate in. Some clubs provide community volunteer opportunities or social events. Immersing yourself in your school and community can make your four years of dental school more rewarding and enjoyable.