The Right Way To Do Mock Interviews For Dental School

March 23, 2015

Observing a dental procedure in Kilimanjaro Receiving an invite for a dental school interview means that the admissions authorities are impressed with your academic credentials, personal statement and extracurricular activities. Given the stiff competition, that is a huge achievement in itself. However that’s not enough to get you through. You still have to get through that all-important interview where your motivation, your personality traits other intangible factors will be evaluated to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the school and for a career in dentistry. The best way to prepare yourself for this interview is to practice by doing mock interviews.

How Do Mock Interviews Help?

Mock interviews help you to overcome your nerves, improve your communication skills and be prepared to answer tricky questions like ‘Tell us about yourself’ or ‘Why do you want to pursue a career in dentistry?’ Without sufficient thought and practice it is almost impossible to give convincing answers to questions such as these and this is where multiple mock interviews can be very valuable.

To get the most out of your mock interviews it is most important that they are done right. Here are a few things to think about.

Dress As If You Are Going To The Real Interview

For any kind of professional interview, it is necessary to wear formal attire. The mock interview is a great way for you to try on this attire and make sure it fits well, ensure that you can sit comfortably in it and get yourself used to the clothes. For those who aren’t comfortable in formal attire, make sure that you dress up completely, right from doing up your hair to wearing formal footwear. This will help you iron out any small problems that you find in your attire in advance so that you don’t have to look for something to wear just a day before the actual interview takes place.

Be Serious About The Interview

Remember that this interview is a chance for you to think about answers to difficult questions and get over your nervousness. So if you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t stop in the middle. Let the mock interview continue as if you’re in a real interview. You should also ideally try to have the mock interview for at least half an hour without a break. This will help you get used to the duration of the actual interview.

Choose Your Interviewer Thoughtfully

Don’t just get a family member or friend to conduct your mock interviews. To conduct a mock interview that will be as close as possible to the real one, ask someone who has experience in the field of medicine or dentistry to conduct your interview. If you ask your younger sister or a friend to take the interview and they don’t know the right questions to ask you, you won’t have any real practice. You need to get an interviewer who will not only ask you generic questions but also ask you questions that will be pertinent to the field of dentistry. Look for mentors, teachers or even people who are in dental school and ask them if they will conduct a mock interview for you.

Ask For Honest Feedback

Your interviewer needs to be completely honest with you and point out the flaws in your interview as well as areas where you need to improve. If the person is worried about hurting your feelings and hesitates to point out your flaws, it will not help you. The whole point of a mock interview is to help you improve and you cannot do this unless you know what you are doing wrong. Ask the interview to note down areas where you can improve and take this feedback in a positive way so that you can work on these flaws and go on to give a great interview for dental school.