Shadowing a Doctor

April 15, 2015

Gap Medics students getting excited for their hospital placements!

Although there is a huge demand worldwide for healthcare professionals across all specialties, there are a few careers that are particularly promising, both in direct patient care as well as indirect patient care.

3 Promising Direct Patient-Care Careers

Nursing is no longer limited to large hospitals. Private practises, schools, clinics and other sectors also need nurses for patient care. Within the nursing field, there are numerous options for advancement and specialisation so you are sure to find something to suit your personal preferences as well as your professional goals. The huge demand for nurses has also resulted in a dramatic rise in earning potential.

  • Dental Hygiene:

Dental Hygienists work in a dentist’s office where they take on the role of assistants to the dentist. They help dentists with procedures, conduct cleaning of teeth for patients and advise them on how to follow good dental hygiene. The demand for hygienists is higher than the supply available and with this trend all set to continue, it is a great dental field to get into.

  • Medical Assistant:

Medical assistants work under the direct supervision of the doctor. Some of their tasks include checking vital signs of the patient, taking care of the patient and helping the doctor with jobs in order to free up some time for the doctor. These assistants may have to conduct a mix of medical work and administration work depending on the needs of the particular doctor.

3 Promising Indirect Patient-Care Careers

Besides the traditional medical roles in the healthcare sector, there are a number of managerial roles and operational roles that are also in high demand. These roles go side by side with the medical field but they do not need you to have a specific degree in the healthcare sector. These jobs are great for those who are looking for opportunities in the healthcare sector without having to go through any medical qualification.

  • Medical Administration:

Individuals who hold an office administration position in a medical setting are responsible for checking in and checking out patients, answering the phones, coordinating with other hospitals and taking care of any other administrative work that is required by a hospital. For those who want to advance in their careers, it is possible to move into a managerial position or advance to a coding position from this job.

  • Medical Coding:

Medical coding is a position that is available in a number of healthcare sectors where there is no patient contact needed. Coders must have the ability to understand all kinds of medical terminology and jargon. It is necessary for them to be able to read patients’ charts as well as update medical records every time a patient receives some kind of healthcare facility. It is possible for medical coders to advance to managerial positions after gaining experience in the field.

  • Information Technology Professionals:

Hospitals now use state of the art databases in order to keep track of patient histories, billing information, staff and all other patient details. In order to be able to understand these systems and run them successfully, the need for professionals in the field of information technology has risen greatly. Web programmers and database administrators are also in high demand for the successful running of these systems.

Gap Medics provides year-round hospital work experience for people aged 16 and over. Our shadowing placements offer a unique insight into the work of doctors, nurses, midwives and dentists – helping students to focus their career aspirations before embarking upon medical training. 

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