Shadowing a Doctor

May 22, 2015

A group shot with the nurses at McCormick Hospital in ThailandSeveral new and more specialised nursing fields have been introduced over the past few years, in keeping with the huge advancements being made in medical science and technology. With so many specialties and sub-specialties to choose from, picking the right field can be quite overwhelming. What can you do to make sure that the specialty you choose is the right fit for you? Here are a few tips that can help you.

Keep Your Passion, Personality & Career Interests At The Forefront

As with any other profession, there are some career paths that have more scope as far as career growth or earning potential are concerned. While these may play a role in helping you narrow down your choices, it is important not to make these your primary factors. The most important aspects of choosing a field of nursing should be your passion and interest in that particular field.

Choosing a career based on salary, prestige or work hours alone will not make you happy, no matter how great the perks sound. It is not uncommon for nurses to quickly lose interest when working in a field they are not interested in as they eventually begin to feel like their job is nothing more than a pay check rather than a vocation or a passion.

Make sure you base your career choice on your wants, needs, interests and values. Balancing personal pleasure and satisfaction with a rewarding career can have a hugely positive impact on both your professional and personal life.

On placement in Africa

Different Strokes For Different Strokes

Do you love working with children? There are several nursing specialties that will give you the opportunity to work with children in some capacity or the other. Some of these include neonatal nursing, paediatric nursing, school nursing and NICU nursing amongst others.

  • If you would prefer to help mothers through the births of their children, consider a career as a midwife or labour and delivery nurse.
  • Geriatric care nurses work with older people either in a hospice setting, assisted living facility or as a home healthcare nurse.
  • If you are looking for a specialty that deals with a specific disease or body part, you can choose from oncology, renal or cardiovascular nursing amongst others.
  • Looking for a career that will allow you to combine for law and medicine? Consider becoming a forensic nurse or a legal nurse consultant.
  • Is training and education more your forte? There’s plenty of job potential as a nurse educator in any university or teaching establishment. 
  • For nurses who love the thought of travelling, there is travel nursing and for those who want to focus on employee care, there is occupational health nursing. A career as a research nurse is a perfect alternative for anyone who prefers working alone performing lab testing or clinical research.

As a nurse you do not necessarily have to work for an employer. You can instead choose to become a nurse entrepreneur and start their own businesses focusing on creating products and/or services that contribute to the healthcare system overall. As you can see, there are plenty of promising options to choose from in the field of nursing, which means you never have to compromise.