Ultimate Guide To Multiple Mini-Interviews for Medical School Admissions: Part 4

June 10, 2015

Tips For Excelling At Your Multiple Mini-Interview

One of the best things about multiple mini-interviews is that they offer you several opportunities to showcase your best traits and skills. And if you feel like you’ve failed in one part of the interview, you still have several other opportunities to excel at other stations. This makes it overall less daunting for all applicants. Also, the existence of multiple stations, each with a different evaluator means there is less to worry about interacting with only one or two interviewers who may not click with you. 

Here are a few tips that will help you excel at your Multiple Mini-Interview

Be Honest

This is a cardinal rule at any interview and the same rule applies to MMIs too. Honesty is an essential quality in medicine and any indication that you are being less than honest will be your downfall instantly, no matter how high your academic scores. The main aim of the MMI is to assess your personality, your views and your motivation to help others. You may be tempted to stretch the truth a bit when talking about your volunteering or clinical experiences in an attempt to impress the interviewers. Don’t. Chances are high you will get found out, either by your replies or the way you respond to certain situations. When replying, it’s always best to stay as close to the truth as possible. Also, don’t try and predict what the interviewer wants to hear. Often, there is no one right answer to a question so go by your gut instinct and say what you think is right.

Take A Few Moments To Think About Your Reply

You do not have the luxury of time at an MMI but it is still wise to listen to the question properly and take a few moments to think about the scenario and what you want to say. When you rush to reply without listening to the question you could end up giving rehearsed response that is in fact inappropriate to the question asked. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Clarify

Not sure what was asked of you or what you are supposed to do? Don’t be afraid to get the instructions repeated and clarified. If something sounds odd or you are not sure you heard the question right, it’s okay to ask the interviewer to repeat it. It’s always better to get the question clarified so you can provide the most appropriate answer.

Don’t Look Back

When you have finished one station and it’s time to move to the next, don’t worry about how it went and don’t agonise about what you should have or could have done differently. Instead clear your mind space and think about how you are going to do your best at the next station.

Stay Calm

Applicants who are calm and relaxed typically perform better at interviews because they can think more clearly. Just remember that nobody is trying to relax you. They are simply judging your capabilities and skills. The calmer you are, the better you are likely to perform on the interview day.