Public Health Jobs That Are In Great Demand

June 26, 2015

pre medical students shadowing surgery The field of public health had expanded dramatically over the past few years and is today a very promising field with huge potential for growth. The growth and expansion of this field has given rise to several new sub-specialties that public health professionals can choose from, whether it is in education, research, administration or public policy.  

If you are considering a career in public health, take a look at some of the options available to you depending on your interest areas and your skill set.

Public Health Officer

Public health officers focus on improving the health of entire communities, rather than individual patients. Professionals in this field usually work in the military, with non-profit organisations, federal agencies or the government.


Epidemiologists in the public sector usually work in universities, health departments and laboratories. They study causes of various diseases, how these diseases are spread and how they can be controlled. The findings of these studies are then reported to health officers.

Public Health Nurse

A public health nurse provides healthcare for the whole community instead of caring for one individual at a time. They educate entire communities about vital health issues, particularly about the cause and prevention of various illnesses and diseases.

Infection Control Officer

A professional in this field monitors patients who are suffering from infectious diseases and reports these findings to the public health department. Infection control officers will also overlook patient care at a hospital and ensure that the doctors and nurses are taking adequate precautions so that the disease does not spread.


Nutritionists who work in the public health sector implement different kinds of nutrition plans that they feel are necessary for the people of a particular region in order to deal with illnesses or to lead overall healthier lives.


Biostatisticians collect and analyse large amounts of data from the public using a variety of mathematical techniques. Public health trends and problems can be inferred from analysing this data. Biostatisticians make use of surveys and experiments in order to gather the data that they need.

Clinical Trial Analyst

A clinical trial analyst studies research data that is obtained from clinical trials and then comes to conclusions based on whether a drug treatment is effective or not. These analysts work alongside clinic research groups and they collect necessary data from various clinical studies.

Health Educator

Health educators teach people how to maintain a healthy life. They assess health problems that occur in a community, form programs, create awareness among people and help these people get into a healthy style of living.

One of the greatest aspects about choosing a career in public healthcare is that you are no longer restricted to following the single traditional path. Today, your options are endless not just in terms of a wider variety of choices but also in terms of job potential and the amount you can earn. Before you choose any one path, it is important to take into consideration the education that is required as well as your personal preferences and professional goals.