Don’t like the clinical side of healthcare? Consider an administrative medical job

July 23, 2015

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You would like to pursue a career in medicine but after much soul-searching, shadowing physicians and doing an eye-opening medical placement in Tanzania, you’ve finally come to the realisation that the clinical aspect of healthcare is not for you. Perhaps you do not have the stomach for blood or you do not have the patience to deal one-on-one with patients. Or maybe you just cannot handle the thought of having to spend so many years in medical school. Whatever the reason, better to have found out sooner rather than later. It gives you the opportunity to explore other non-clinical careers in healthcare. One such area is administration.

You do not require any clinical experience to pursue an administrative job in healthcare. Take a look at some of the many admin jobs available in this sector. Most of these do not require a college degree either.

Medical Receptionist

Medical receptionists have similar responsibilities as receptionists in any other sector. In this role, your job functions would include typing memos, answering the phone, taking messages and answering basic questions. As a medical receptionist, you will often be the first person to interact with patients when they walk into a clinic or hospital. In addition to scheduling appointments and answering their queries you will also have to check their insurance papers and carry out any other work as instructed by the doctor. For this, good inter-personal skills are necessary. The pay range is not very high in this role but this job requires needs no qualifications in particular.

Medical Secretary or Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant may work alone or may have to work in a team at a medical facility. To take up a job as a medical secretary, you will need to be computer savvy and be very familiar with applications such as MS Word and MS Excel, along with any other computer programs that are used for the functioning of that facility. Fast typing skills and good communication skills along with the necessary computer expertise are necessary attributes for anyone wishing to work as an executive assistant.

Medical Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist takes verbal recordings and transfers them onto paper. These written documents then have to be filed in that patient’s folder to be used for further reference. People looking for a job in this area must have very good listening and comprehension skills along with an ability to type fast, good proofreading skills and an attention to detail. This is a great option if you are looking for a stay at home job opportunity as most employers allow their medical transcriptionists to telecommute.

Medical Office Manager

The role of a medical office manager is to handle the staff at a medical facility. The necessary qualifications for this job will depend upon the size of the organisation and the level of the people who are to be managed.

Medical Interpreter

For those who are fluent in two or more languages, medical interpretation is very good field to get into. Medical interpreters have to understand patients who speak in another language and translate this into English for the doctor. However, to be able to get a job in this area, a basic understanding of medical concepts and terms in both English as well as the other language are very necessary.