Shadowing a Doctor

August 11, 2015

In almost all recent studies and statistics regarding careers and employment, nursing has consistently ranked among the top ten most in-demand careers. All of the reasons stated are perfectly valid and justified. If you are still undecided about nursing as a career choice, the reasons below provide ample proof that this is a career that’s worth pursuing.

There is a huge demand for qualified nurses

There is a desperate shortage of qualified nurses and this is not limited to only a few countries. With countries all over the world facing a severe shortage of nurses, regular employment is almost guaranteed anywhere in the world from the time you obtain your nursing license.

Additional nurses are required to care for ageing baby boomers

As a sizeable percentage of the population continues to age, they will need a great deal of care as well as medical resource. To fill this void, the need of the hour is nursing professionals who specialise in geriatric care who are capable of identifying common symptoms, coordinating care plans and acting as health advocates. Geriatric nursing is a career that is greatest in demand.

There’s lots of flexibility and diversity in the workplace

Very few other professions offer the flexibility and diversity that nursing does. You can choose to work in a large urban hospital, a small private clinic in a rural setting, a school, or even in a law or corporate office. If you are looking for a fast-paced specialty, you can choose to work as an emergency flight nurse, an ER nurse or a transplant nurse amongst others. If living-on-the edge specialties are not your forte, you can still explore numerous opportunities in corporate, forensic or legal nursing.

Technological advances are changing the scope of nursing

Advances in technology and medicine are rapidly adding new dimensions to the entire healthcare industry, and nursing is no exception. These advancements have created the need for newer specialisations in nursing that were not heard of before. Once you graduate from nursing school, you are not restricted to just working in a hospital or clinic. As a qualified nurse you can choose to further specialise in fields ranging from plastic surgery and forensics to informatics and research analysis. What’s more, this is one of those rare professions where, if you lose interest in your initial specialty, it is easy to transition to another specialty any time during your career. Clichéd as it may sound; the sky is the limit for nurses today.

Nursing salaries are on a definite upward trend

Nursing is no longer considered as simply a secondary healthcare career. Today’s nurses are highly qualified and shoulder major responsibilities independently in any healthcare establishment. This evolved role of nurses is aptly reflected in the increased salaries. The salaries that nurses earn today are nothing to be scoffed at and the more qualified you are, the more you can expect to earn.

In addition to all of the above tangible reasons why it is a great time to begin a career in nursing, the most compelling reason of all is the opportunity to care for others and change lives. That is a reward in itself and for some, it is reason enough to pursue a career in nursing.