Top Ten Ways to Raise Funds for Your Placement

September 7, 2015

rachecrossleyfundraisingYou are probably excited to start a shadowing placement as it will be a great experience and help you decide what type of medical career you want to pursue. But if you need to fundraise to pay for your placement then you still have a bit of a challenge ahead.

If you already have a part-time job after school, you’re one step ahead of the game. Try to work extra hours on the weekends and put away as much money as possible towards your placement. But even if you do not have a job, it’s still possible to earn the money you need.

Determine What You need

The first step in funding your placement is to figure out how much you need to raise. Consider everything involved in your placement including program and travel costs and miscellaneous expenses, which you may also incur.

Add up the money you may already have, such as savings, and contributions from your parents. Once you determine how much you still need, develop a plan for raising the rest of the cash.

If possible, allow yourself plenty of time to raise the money before your payment is due. Some fundraising efforts may involve holding a one-day event. But other methods of earning money may take longer, which means you’ll need to save what you earn over time.

If you’re wondering how you can earn enough to pay for your placement, don’t stress out. Once you develop a plan, some hard work and determination will help you reach your goal. In fact, there are lots of ways to raise the funds you need. Consider some of the following suggestions.

  1. Take it to the Internet: There are several popular websites that allow users to collect donations from family and friends. Create an account on a crowdfunding site and provide some information on what you will be doing and why it’s important. You may be surprised at all the support you get from your loved ones. For example, instead of getting you a gift for your birthday, family members and friends may decide to donate to your placement. You can provide a link to the donation website on your Facebook or other social media site. Also, don’t forget to post a thank you note to each friend or family member that donates.
  1. Hold a Car Wash: Although it may be an old-fashioned fundraising method, it’s still a popular one. That’s because, a car wash can be easy to put on. Find a location with a lot of traffic. If you plan to hold your event in the parking lot of a store or other public building, be sure to get permission. If possible, recruit a few friends and family members to pitch in. Gather your supplies, make some signs and get ready to scrub.
  1. Babysit: Another way to earn some quick cash is by babysitting. If you know anyone with young children, consider letting them know you are available to babysit or place an ad online. If you’re better with four legged babies, consider pet sitting or dog walking. Although babysitting or pet sitting will not get you rich, the money can add up if you do it on a regular basis.
  1. Have a Yard Sale: There is an old saying that “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” If that’s the case, holding a yard sale may be a good way to raise money for your placement. Ask family and friends if they have any items lying around that they want to get rid of. Gather as much inventory as possible. You never know what will sell. Put up a few signs in your neighborhood and you’re ready for business. Price your items reasonably low and get ready to negotiate.
  1. Run Errands: Almost everyone needs to run an errand occasionally, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time. That’s where you come in. Running errands for people in your neighborhood can be a good part-time money maker. Whether it involves a trip to the store, post office or dry cleaners, an errand service fills a need for busy people or seniors who may have a hard time leaving their home.
  1. Hold a Trivia Night: Although it may take a lot of work to organize a trivia night, it can be a great way to earn the funds needed for your placement. Hold the event at someone’s house or a public location, such as a restaurant. Find good trivia questions and develop the rules before you get started. Charge each participant an entry fee and consider having a prize for the winner.
  1. Do Yardwork: Whether you offer to mow lawns, rake leave or shovel snow, doing yard work can be a profitable fundraiser. Advertise your services in your area. Make flyers and post them on mailboxes or bulletin boards.
  1. Tutor or Give Lessons: Are you a whiz at math or do you play the guitar like a rock star? If you have a knack for something, such as a musical instrument or a sport, consider giving lessons. The same thing goes with academics. If you excel at a certain subject, offer to tutor other students. Get the word out to everyone you know. If possible, post signs at the library or local churches or community centers. If you tutor or give lessons a few times a week, the money will add up.
  1. Hold a Bake Sale: Who doesn’t like a sweet treat, which is why bake sales are usually good fundraising events. Gather friends and spend a day making cookies, cakes and other goodies. Hold a big bake sale at your school, community center, church or even your front yard.
  1. Get Crafty: If you are good at making things, such as jewelry, holiday decorations, candles or other crafts, consider selling your item to raise funds. There are several places to sell your items including craft fairs and local community events. It may take a few months to earn what you need, but making crafts may not even seem like work.