What are the main benefits of doing a nursing placement?

January 18, 2016

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While you can expect to learn everything you need to know about nursing in nursing school, getting some work experience takes it one step further. During a nursing placement, you’ll learn how to care for patients while working alongside a qualified professional.

Besides adding to your CV and giving you an edge over others at nursing school, doing a work experience placement is a great way to learn and gain knowledge. You’ll get to peek into your future career by interacting with experienced nurses and seeing what the profession is really about.

Enhance nursing school applications

If you haven’t applied for nursing school yet, getting some work experience will really help to enhance your personal statement and give you something exciting to talk about in your interviews. It’ll show admissions officers that you’re serious about being a nurse, and that you have a good understanding of what the job will entail.

Improve your CV

Work experience is always a bonus point on a CV or job application. Getting a job immediately after graduation is not always easy. The competition is fierce and employers more often than not prefer to pick nurses who have some work experience over those who haven’t; this is because they know that these nurses have had some exposure to the field and understand what they’re getting into. Adding work experience to your resume could be a valuable asset when you’re applying for a nursing job.

Explore a specialty

Doing a work experience placement can help you make a more informed choice about which specialty you would like to pursue. During your placement, you’ll usually be placed in a particular unit; typically in the specialty you are considering. This will allow you to work side by side with doctors and other nurses in that field, explore the specialty, and gain a deeper understanding of it.

Build confidence

Doing a work experience placement will give you a lot of confidence. If you can walk into your class after your holidays having spent your time gaining valuable insight into your dream career, you’ll have an advantage over those who still do not have a realistic picture of what working as a nurse is like.

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