Help enhance thousands of lives: Pursue a career in public health

February 15, 2016

public health careers

As a healthcare professional, helping even one person improve their quality of life can be tremendously rewarding. But if you dream of making a difference to whole communities, then getting into public health is the way to do it. As a public health professional, you will not be focusing on one patient at a time. Instead, the work you do will contribute to saving hundreds or even millions of lives. If this is something you’re interested in, these are some areas you can specialise in within the field of public health.

Health Education and Behavioural Sciences – Professionals in this field do a lot of research work. Their main area of interest lies in studying how different sociological, psychological and anthropological backgrounds can affect different sections of society and impact public health.

Health Services Administration – This section of healthcare deals with the management and organisation of various aspects of healthcare. A health service administrator combines knowledge related to finance, law, ethics and other issues and uses this knowledge to manage organizations, and plan and implement policies.

International Health – International health goes beyond country boundaries. Professionals who specialise in this sector study the various public health patterns around the world, and some get involved in trying to improve public health in developing countries.

Public Health Practice – For policies to be effective, it’s essential to take public health to ordinary people. Practitioners in this specialty teach people how to stay healthy and prevent diseases. They educate communities on the importance of public health and the basics of behavioural science, environmental health and epidemiology.

Nutrition – Nutritionists deal with food habits of the people. They advise people on how to control their diet and stay healthy by eating good food.

Occupational Safety and Health – Safety hazards in the workplace are detected and recognized by these professionals. They then come up with preventive measures and ways to control any possible outbreak or health hazard.

Biostatistics – Biostatisticians specialise in using a variety of mathematical procedures and statistical methods to analyse different kinds of health problems faced by the public as a whole.

Epidemiology – As an epidemiologist, you would be trained to study different patterns of diseases and how they affect various kinds of populations.

Maternal and Child Health – Professionals in this field analyze the various factors that target women and children. There are many unique problems in this area that follow different patterns from other health issues.

Environmental Health Sciences – Almost half of the people who work in public health choose to work in this field. These sciences study how changes in the environment can affect individuals and public health at large.

Most people who work in the public health sector will get involved with monitoring community health while working alongside the government on various issues and making the public health system more readily available to the people of the community.

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