Being a dental officer with the Australian Army

May 30, 2016


If you are looking for a dentistry-related job that offers satisfaction, excitement and challenges along with the opportunity to utilise and further develop your management and leadership skills, you should consider a career as a Dental Officer in the Australian Army.

Job Description

As a dentist with the Australian Army, you will have the same roles and responsibilities as a civilian dentist. In addition, you will also have access to some of the most state of the art equipment, technology, materials and laboratory facilities that you would otherwise only see in some of the larger dental settings. The only difference between working in a civilian setting and in the army is that your patients are mostly army personnel and their families. Also, in addition to working in your clinic, you may also be required to work in operational environments including the barracks or in the field. On occasion, you may also be required to perform some type of non-dental related regimental duties. This could be something like serving as a sports officer or on a Mess Committee.

Entry Pathways

There are two entry pathways into the Australian Army – the Graduate pathway and the Undergraduate pathway.

Graduate pathway – If you are already a degree qualified dental professional, you qualify for the graduate pathway and will be appointed directly as an Officer in the Army.

Undergraduate pathway – The Australian Regular Army has an ongoing need for undergraduates studying for various professional and technical vocations. The Undergraduate Scheme appoints selected students as Commissioned Officers. These students receive several perks including sponsorship to complete their studies and waiver of tuition, library and examination fees. Textbooks are also provided free of cost.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the post of Dental Officer in the Australian Army, you must meet the following basic eligibility requirements:

You must be between 17 and 56 years of age.

You must be an Australian citizen. Permanent residents may apply but certain restrictions apply and you will also be required to obtain Australian citizenship as early as possible following enlistment.

You must obtain the appropriate security clearance and medical fitness certification.

Period of Service & Progression Opportunities

If you join as a graduate, you will be appointed for an initial minimum period of service of 3 years. You may be offered subsequent periods of service depending on your suitability and whether or not the army requires any further service at that time. If you would like to resign, you may do so at any time after you’ve completed your initial minimum period of service obligation. If you join the army through the undergraduate pathway, you will be appointed for an initial minimum period of service that is equal to the length of sponsorship plus an additional 365 days. Once you’ve been appointed Dental Offer in the army, you will have access to several opportunities to further your skills and qualifications through full-time postgraduate training.

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