What questions should I ask at my medical school interview?

June 1, 2016

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At your medical school interview, after you’ve finished answering all of their questions, the interviewing panel will usually give you the opportunity to ask them anything you want to. Many applicants let the opportunity pass by without asking any questions just so they can get out of the interview room as quickly as possible. Don’t make this mistake. Instead use this as another opportunity to impress the interviewers and show them that you are genuinely interested in gaining admission into their schools.

Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to make the maximum impact with your questions.

First – A Few Dos & Don’ts

Don’t ask questions about information that is already on the website. It shows that you have not bothered to do your homework before going to the interview and says a lot about your level of interest in the school.

Do ask questions that will help you become better informed about the school and its accomplishments, opportunities and resources.

Do ask about graduate studies, combined degrees, residencies, opportunities to study abroad and internships.

Don’t ask questions that have religious, political or ethical connotations. Just because the interviewer asked you about your opinion on abortion or euthanasia, it does not mean you should do the same. Steer clear of potential minefields and stick to questions about the school and its programme and faculty.

Do prepare at least four or five questions that you can ask the interviewers.

Do sufficient research on your shortlisted questions so you can give confident rejoinders to rebound questions on the same topic.

Tips For Brainstorming Questions To Ask The Interviewer

The best place to start with brainstorming questions is on the school’s website. Read through all of the information minutely and make notes about what you would like to get more information on. Pay particular importance to these aspects:

  • The kind of programme that is being offered
  • The teacher:student ratio
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Areas where the programme could be improved
  • Things you like and do not like about the existing programme
  • Special programme offerings
  • Research opportunities during the first two years
  • Independent research opportunities for students to conduct their own research
  • Provision and access to health and wellness resources to students
  • Types of support groups available to students
  • Presence of student mentoring programme

When you have finished combing through every detail that is out there on the site, think about what it is you would like more information on that is not mentioned on the site.

Kind Of Questions You Can Ask

Has the programme changed over the last five years?

Do you expect there to be any changes to the program in the near future?

Are there any areas of the programme that you think need to be improved?

What, in your opinion, is the strongest aspect of this medical school?

Does the school offer any special programmes that it is reputed for?

What are the research opportunities for interested students during the first 2 years?

Does the school offer students the opportunity to conduct their own research?


Don’t restrict yourself to just these questions. After you’ve finished browsing through the site thoroughly, if there is anything you feel you’d like to know more about, add it to your list and get your answers on the interview day.

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