Onward journeys from La Romana

July 6, 2016

As well as having its own bustling city atmosphere, streets full of people and cars, and plenty of tourist attractions, our Gap Medics base in the Dominican Republic is perfect for travelling after your placement is over. La Romana is very well connected so if you’re planning to continue your trip, have a look at these options.


Cuba is a stunning part of the world, and there’s so much more than just the beaches. Travel even a little way off the beaten track and you will find Cuba’s hidden gems – from rugged mountain tops to UNESCO-listed architecture.

Of course, if beaches are your main priority we don’t blame you for choosing here – there are over a dozen breathtaking sandy beaches, some stretching to lengths of over 20 kilometres.

Travel: less than 2 hours by plane


When most people think of Peru, the Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu come to mind. And you can hardly blame them when the incredible 4,214m, 40,000 piece structure is unlike anything else on earth.

Back a little closer to sea level, Peru has plenty to offer its visitors in terms of architecture, culture, music and markets. One of the best things about Peru is that you can swap bars for beaches in a matter of minutes.

Travel: 4 hours by plane


Cited as ‘the Birthplace of Rum’ by Lonely Planet, those after a trip full of raised glasses and nighttime parties should definitely consider getting to know Barbados. As well as an enticing array of distilleries to discover, Barbados is also full of art galleries, museums and national heritage properties.

Unsurprisingly it’s a great choice for nightlife with vibrant beach bars, sports bars and elegant terrace clubs to sample well into the early hours.

Travel: 4 hours by plane


Jamaica is the fourth largest island in the Caribbean, and by far one of the most well-known. Its stunning and luxurious resorts and rich history make it a popular hotspot for holidaymakers who are after the ‘all-inclusive’ experience.

Outside of those hotel walls, though, is the best of Jamaican culture – churches radiate delicious gospel music and the sound of Bob Marley can be felt in even the newest dancehall rhythms. Jerk chicken, plantain and dark rum flow freely and the surrounding scenery – lush, green and full of wildlife – will stay with you forever.

Travel: 6 hours by plane (usually with one connection)

United States of America

It would be impossible to describe the magnitude of the USA and the unlimited opportunities for adventure. Although it’s fairly easy to travel to most American states from the Dominican Republic, the most frequent direct flights are to Miami.

Far more than a simple stopover on your way home, Miami is full of surprises. Beyond the pomp and ceremony of rich celebrities and million-pound yachts you’ll find quirky beachside bars, poetry readings in dimly-lit cafes and undiscovered gems stowed away in parks, bookshops and wine cellars.

Travel: 2 hours direct from Punta Canta

Wherever you choose and however long you can stay, the gorgeous landscape and glorious sunshine in this part of the world will stay with you long after you’ve gone home to finish your studies!



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