Explore the role of a Reflexologist

July 18, 2016

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Reflexology is a unique healthcare specialty that involves applying pressure to various points on the feet and hands that are believed to be connected to specific corresponding areas in other parts of the body. This pressure is applied using highly specialised techniques that involve the practitioner’s hands, fingers and thumbs.

Education & Training Necessary For A Career In Reflexology

There are different ways in which you can acquire a qualification in reflexology. Usually, you will need a diploma in this field before you start practising it. A diploma can be obtained either by attending a year of regular classes or by attending only weekend sessions. While it may take longer to obtain the necessary qualifications through weekend sessions, this may be a good option for someone who has other personal commitments they need to attend to.

For those who enjoy hands-on work and are good listeners, a career in this field is may be a good fit. Because there is no need for any specialised equipment, the start-up costs are very low as compared to starting up any other type of health clinic. Once you are qualified, you should be able to recover your investment soon and also make enough money as long as you promote yourself well

Essential Attributes For A Career In Reflexology

It is important that you should have a caring and patient disposition if you are considering a career as a reflexologist. You also have to be a good listener and have the ability to make your clients feel relaxed and comfortable so that they can open up to you emotionally. Getting things off their chest plays a major role in the healing process. Getting some training in counselling will help you give your patients the right advice when they ask for it.

Being organised and having good book keeping skills are equally important skills as you will need to maintain detailed charts and files for every client and these will have to be updated continuously and be easily accessible. You will in fact be solely responsible for every patient, every chart and every appointment that is made unless you plan on hiring a reception or assistant.

If you plan to start your own practice, it is necessary to build some marketing and business skills as well. You will need to promote your expertise to the people who live around in the area. As an independent practitioner, your wages will depend hugely on your promotional and marketing skills.

It is also necessary to familiarise yourself with tax policies that will apply to you and your practice.

Workplace Settings

Reflexologists have the option of working in different kinds of settings. Some may choose to have their own practice while others may look for employment at a hospital or other important but non-medical facilities such as spas and health clubs.

Another option is to start a practice with other healthcare professionals who specialise in healthcare fields that are different from yours. By doing this, you will not only be splitting your expenses with them but you will also have to work less towards promoting and marketing yourself since it will be a joint effort.



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