What does an ENT specialist do?

July 27, 2016

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Problems related to the ear, nose and throat are one of the most common reasons for patients to visit a doctor’s office. An Ear, Nose & Throat specialist or an ENT specialist is a qualified medical doctor who has undergone specialised training in medicine and surgery that is related to the neck, head, ear, nose and throat. This specialised training allows them to focus on various diseases that affect these areas.

Training to Become an ENT

ENT specialisation is very much like any other specialisation in the medical field. You will need to go through medical school and complete all your practical training and internships. Upon completion of your internship, you will need to study further and then become a specialist in the ear, nose and throat areas. Some people spend as long as fifteen years in order to gain all the necessary qualifications to become an ENT specialist. However, this training is completely worth it. You will work in different areas right from treating patients who have problems in these areas to working with various deformities that are present on the faces of people. You will also get to work alongside numerous other healthcare specialists in order to take care of patients’ health.

Detailed Job Description

Patients who suffer from ear problems are often referred to the ENT specialist when they visit their physicians. An area which is as sensitive as the ear requires someone who is highly specialised in the field to be able to treat it. Common ear problems include infections, nerve disorders, hearing conditions and balance issues.

Problems related to the nasal cavity and sinuses are also treated by ENTs. Numerous people suffer from various kinds of allergies that affect the nasal passage. Again, this area is also very sensitive and specialised treatment is required. ENTs treat both the breathing aspect of the nose as well as its appearance.

The larynx, commonly referred to as the voice box, is another area of expertise of an ENT. The ENT treats people who are suffering from swallowing problems as well as those who have problems in the region of the head and the neck. Problems include tumours in these areas, facial deformities, trauma to these areas and infectious diseases. Some ENTs even conduct surgeries for these areas and take on the role of plastic surgeons or reconstructive surgeons in these cases.

Teamwork in this Career

ENTs need to be able to work well independently as well as in a team. It is very important to get along with healthcare professionals in other streams if you wish to be successful in your career and take on different kinds of challenges. ENTs often work with neurosurgeons to treat issues regarding the skull. They may work with ophthalmologists to treat eye conditions and dermatologists who are treating skin around the neck and head areas. Plastic surgeons and dentists also often use the help of ENTs during procedures. Some ENTs even choose to work exclusively with children and they may have to work with healthcare professionals from this field.

A career in this field is great for those who want to work independently but would also like to collaborate occasionally with other professionals in order to treat their patients.



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