What types of GP practice are there in Australia?

November 17, 2016

In Australia, there are several different types of GP surgery, and most residents use a combination of them depending on their symptoms or requirements. When it comes to deciding where to work, it’s important to know which one suits you the best!

Here are the three main types broken down:

Traditional GP Practice

Traditional GP practices in Australia are typically made up of one or a small group of physicians, and it’s normal for one of them to own the practice. Staff turnover is relatively low and patients often form close working relationships with their GP, who may be there for the majority of their working life and can often treat whole families!

As a GP in Australia, you may be more suited to this type of practice if you would enjoy a slower pace to your day but one that still allows you to see plenty of patients. Conditions may be more long-term such as diabetes, chronic pain, or a disability/degenerative disease.

Medical Centre

Medical centres have become increasingly popular in Australia in the last twenty to thirty years. They are usually hubs of activity, open for extended hours (sometimes 24 hours) and have clinics or a pharmacy on site.

The types of patients you may come across in a larger medical centre are not as concerned with seeing the same doctor time and time again, but would prefer to be seen quicker and more efficiently. This is usually because they have an acute or short-term problem such as a minor injury, infection or require antibiotics. If you enjoy a busy environment where you can interact with lots of different people every day, then a medical centre might be the right choice for you.

Specialist Clinic

Despite being ‘general’ practitioners, some GP practices do specialise or have certain areas of interest. If you have a particular interest such as smoking cessation clinics or travel medicine, you may like to find a GP practice that specialises in it. In Australia GP practices can advertise their services like any other company; you’ll have to deal with plenty of other cases besides, but finding a clinic that caters to your special interests is a sure-fire way of enjoying your time there.

Choosing the type of practice that suits you is no easier for doctors than it is for patients, but with a little care and attention to the different types you can be sure of a long and rewarding career.