The 10 fears of (almost) every medical student

December 5, 2016

1. Will I enjoy it?

This is easily one of the most common fears – you’re committing a large amount of money and a large amount of time to your degree so it’s normal to be nervous. However if you’ve done your research (including visiting your favourite colleges and completing some medical work experience) there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy your time at medical school.

2. Will I make friends?

Yes! Despite working long hours and strange shift patterns, trainee physicians are some of the best at socialising. When you have only a little time off, you really want to make the most of it.

3. Can I handle it?

Medical school is undoubtedly stressful. You may not truly know whether you can handle it until you begin – however don’t worry, there is lots of support available to you at all colleges and universities in the country. You can access everything from emotional support such as counselling and stress management all the way to practical support like study groups and workshops.

4. Will it make me sad?

Whether you become a nurse, a midwife or a physician, encountering loss in your job is inevitable. You never become desensitised to it, but throughout your training you learn to cope with the victories and losses of the role.

5. Can I afford it?

There are great provisions for students studying medicine in Australia. Commonwealth supported places at certain institutions are eligible for government loans, while some other universities offer discounts if you pay your fees in full. Make sure you check with your favourite colleges to see what they offer.

6. Will I pass my exams?

That depends how hard you study! With the right amount of revision, good rest, a healthy lifestyle and a great work ethic throughout the duration of your course, you should pass your exams with flying colours.

7. Will I get a job afterwards?

Health professionals are always in high demand, particularly in rural areas of the country where the number of physicians in towns and villages is sometimes dangerously low. Whether you choose country or city, though, you can expect to enjoy continued employment for many years.

8. Can I change my mind?

We’re sure that with the right preparation you’ll love your medical degree – but if you decide it’s not for you (even once you’ve qualified), your training will have given you the essential skills to thrive in industries such as social work, nursing, teaching and many more.

9. Will I earn enough in the future?

The average salary for a doctor is a very respectable AUS $101,000 per year, with specialists having the potential to earn far more than that after completing their training.

10. Will I regret it?

Do you love medicine? Do you want to help people? Are you prepared to work hard? If the answer is yes, then we’re certain you’ll have found a career for life.