Shadowing a Doctor

December 10, 2016

At Gap Medics, our role in facilitating work experience placements for future health professionals has brought us face-to-face with thousands of young people driven to make a positive impact through the provision of healthcare. This Human Rights Day, we would like to encourage all of our students to join the United Nations and “stand up for someone’s rights today.”

Human Rights Day commemorates 10 December, 1948, the day when the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or UDHR. Among the many rights listed in the UDHR – which include everything from the right to participate in cultural life to freedom from slavery – is the right to healthcare (Article 25).

On this day, Gap Medics recognises the efforts of all of our health professionals – current and future – for their tireless commitment to that right. But one particular type of health professional stands out in our minds today, specifically for her service to women and children (who remain vulnerable groups throughout the world), and the challenges that her profession faces today. Today, we would like to draw special attention to the over 21,000 midwives working for the NHS.

So, without further ado, a special Human Rights Day infographic devoted to our midwives – and in honour of all of all of the health professionals facing challenges to protect our right to healthcare.