Which list of medical schools should I look at?

December 14, 2016

A list of all the medical schools in the US would be as long as your arm, and trying to work your way through them would be seriously stressful. Many students turn to the internet and magazines for top ten lists and other good ratings to help them. But which are the best? And are they really worth it?

Lists of good medical schools

Princeton Review
The Princeton Review is the most popular and most highly regarded league table of US colleges and universities. As well as being able to view colleges by ranking, location, tuition costs and more, prospective students can also access a wealth of advice, browse academic tutors and prepare for entrance exams. Click here to view.

US News
This website’s higher education section offers a very good guide to college rankings, which is compiled through satisfaction surveys college students take every year. As well as viewing each school’s national rankings you can search by acceptance and enrolment rates, gender distribution, diversity and much more. Click here to view.

QS World Rankings
If you’re looking for a world class college, then looking at the QS World Rankings is a great place to start. Check out the world rankings for medicine, nursing or dentistry and filter the results by country – you’ll be able to see the US colleges and where they rank against the competition. Click here to view.

Should I look at school ranking tables at all?

Ranking tables are a great way of gauging how well your chosen colleges perform compared to others in the country, but it’s definitely not the only way of deciding what college is best for you. Applying to a medical school simply because it’s at the top of the table neglects the question of whether you would be happy there. What is the location like? Do you like the look of the course? Do your GPA and MCAT scores align with that college’s averages?

As with any other degree, many people go to lower ranking colleges every year, have an incredible education experience and go on to become outstanding professionals. There is much more to med school than statistics – but they can certainly help to narrow your search.