The best resources for writing your personal statement for medical school

December 21, 2016

Thousands of people apply to medical school every year – be one of the successful applicants by learning from the best! Here are some websites and other sources of inspiration to consider when writing your personal statement for medical school.


An international company which can help you prepare for all aspects of your medical school application, but particularly writing your personal statement. Kaplan also partners with certain universities to deliver preparatory courses.

Prospective Doctor

This is a great website that gives lots of advice on applying to medical school through a series of blog posts, articles and guest features. They are particularly interested in how to make your medical school application stand out from the pack and become one of the chosen few.

Accepted contains a bank of sample personal essays which you can read for a little inspiration. Have a look through them and see if you can apply your personal story and skills to their structure.

AMCAS Website

The team over at AMCAS (which stands for American Medical Colleges Admissions Service) don’t want you to fail – they want every applicant to submit their very best work so they can deliver the strongest candidates to medical schools across the country. That’s why AMCAS has plenty of information on its own website to help you craft the perfect personal essay.

Your high school

Your high school sees hundreds of students apply to college every year, so your guidance counselor – as well as your teachers – will be well prepared to answer any questions you may have. For instance, if you have known your science teacher for several years, why not approach them and ask them what they think your strongest skills are and why they think you would be well suited for medical school? Don’t forget the wealth of knowledge that may only be sitting a few classrooms away from you!