Extracurriculars to make your medical school application stand out

October 26, 2020

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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As a premed or pre health student, you know all the things you have to do to get into medical schooldoctor shadowing, clinical experience, a high grade point average, letters of recommendation. But that’s not always enough to be a competitive applicant.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, there were about 900,000 medical school applications submitted from 2019-2020, and only 22,000 were accepted and admitted. Most students interested in healthcare and medicine already have all of the basic requirements to get them into school. So how do you make your medical school application stand out from the crowd?

You need extracurricular activities that will give you an edge and show medical schools what you’re about. We have just the experience that will set you over the top.  

Our Medicine in African Culture program is an amazing way for students to add global health experience to their resumes and understand how culture impacts healthcare. Located in Tanzania, you will trace the roots of medicine through three levels of healthcare, beginning with traditional healers, moving on to smaller clinics, and finally to a larger general hospital.

Getting experience abroad in a highly educational and unique program will enhance your medical school application and get admissions officers to take notice. Our program is fully residential and we take care of everything – leaving you to focus solely on the learning experience.

If you’re just starting your clinical experience and interested in global health, or looking for a way to make your resume really stand out, our Tanzania experience might be just right for you. 

The global health experience

The world understands more than ever the importance of viewing healthcare from a global perspective. Given the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, healthcare providers and larger organizations know that the healthcare delivery system in another country can very well impact the citizens in another country.

Doctors, nurses, midwives, and physician assistants would all benefit from gaining an awareness of the world and its various healthcare systems. Your journey as a premed or pre health student is continuing during a time when the world is very much aware of this need.

Our Tanzania program allows you to not only travel to a new country and see the culture, but to travel through three levels of healthcare.

You will visit both the Massai and Hehe tribal communities in rural Iringa, which allows you to compare and contrast their different cultural heritages. Speaking through a translator, you will observe and ask questions to the traditional healer, often called a witch doctor. Many patients begin by visiting a traditional healer, which is not unlike other cultures that exist in Africa and the wider world.

After experiencing the first step of healthcare, your mentor will guide you through a smaller clinic. If a patient in Tanzania visited a traditional healer and did not solve their issue, oftentimes their next step is to visit this type of clinic. This is where they handle things like vaccinations, maternity care, and malaria treatment.

The last level of healthcare is a larger general hospital where you will see more cases unique to the country. You will also get the chance to speak with a doctor who has handled large animal traumas, which are quite common in Tanzania.

This overseas experience in an international healthcare system helps you understand not only how patients in Tanzania experience healthcare delivery, but how that compares with your own country. And while Tanzania may be very different from your home healthcare system, it shares similarities with other African countries and rural communities in the world.

This one of a kind experience gives you great insight into international healthcare.

Making your medical school application stand out

The experience you gain during our Tanzania program will show a diversity of experience that few applicants have.

By observing all the levels of healthcare, you are getting a well-rounded experience that will illustrate your understanding of patients in these rural communities. Whatever healthcare career path you’re on, it’s important to know where patients are coming from and what options are available to them. Wherever you go in the future, you will know how to ask the questions that will help you provide the bestcare. 

You are also showing admissions schools that your healthcare experience in Tanzania was not just another doctor shadowing experience in a hospital, but a much larger view of the entire healthcare system. It’s rare that a patient has not tried to treat themselves or with another medical provider’s opinion. It’s also rare that any healthcare professional works entirely alone, without the assistance of colleagues or an institution.

Our program will help you get a better idea of the interconnectivity of medicine and culture. No two patients or cases are the same. Diversity of experience is the best way to treat a diverse group of patients and medical cases.

We are confident that our program can help you stand out from the crowd of other medical school applicants. 

Other program benefits

In addition to the wonderful learning opportunities, our Global Pre-Meds programs are all fully curated by our team. We help you prepare for your departure, and as soon as you land we take care of everything – your food, transportation, safety, security.

To add to your global health experience, you will live in a house with other Global Pre-Meds from all over the world. This is a social and academic experience, and the relationships you develop with your peers is an essential part. You will bond over your shared understanding and learn about the differences between your healthcare journeys.

One of the most exciting exciting excursions, which is included in your program fee, is a safari at Ruaha National Park. You will spend three days and two nights at a lodge at the edge of Ruaha, which has the largest population of elephants in East Africa. This excursion is built right into your learning experience. 

We want to support you on your journey to becoming a healthcare professional. Apply today to explore medicine in african culture!