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Ethical Shadowing Practice

Our programs are designed for students who aspire to attend medical schools in countries that place great importance on medical ethics, such as the United States and the UK. The experience students gain is intended to add value to their applications, and to this end we work incredibly hard with our partner hospitals to ensure that the experience is consistent with rules and attitudes in those countries.
Global Pre-Meds programs comply with the guidance issued by both the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the British Medical Association (BMA) on student shadowing.

Our programs are observational: Students are not allowed any physical patient contact or participatory involvement in clinical procedures for which they are not properly trained. Placements are only “hands-on” insofar as you will be there on the hospital front line, and may have the chance to practice certain clinical skills in simulated conditions.

We provide weekly Global Health Tutorials at the house, led by a variety of doctors and other health professionals with expert knowledge of local conditions, to help students understand and interpret what they see on placement in the context of the culture, environment and economy of the area.

Benefits to Hospitals

Part of your program fee goes to the hospital that hosts your placement, ultimately helping them to improve the patient services they can provide. Neonatal incubators, beds for a pediatric ward, surgical equipment and a range of hospital staff training have all be funded by the program.

A further portion of your fee is paid directly to the doctor who serves as your mentor. As well as helping to motivate mentors and continually increase standards, this has the important secondary benefit of incentivising skilled clinicians to serve in government hospital positions that are otherwise not as highly paid as the private sector, but which provide crucial services to ordinary local people.

Aside from the financial benefits, our partner hospitals value the opportunity the program gives them to share knowledge and ideas with people from different cultures, and to gain international recognition for the fantastic work they do.

Benefits to Local Communities

Our presence brings a number of economic benefits to the communities in which we work. The majority of our staff on the ground are recruited locally, serving as Managers, Student Coordinators, Chefs, Housekeepers and Security Guards. They are paid well and provided with a high standard of training that improves their future employability.

We are conscious to deliberately buy locally whenever we can, from fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the area to furniture made by local craftsmen and women. This all helps to channel significant money into the economy, making us a valued part of the community.

The extra money our students spend on things like weekend excursions, souvenirs, drinks and local taxis again helps support the areas in which we are based.

Respecting Our Environment

We take our responsibility to protect the natural world seriously, and every operational decision we make pays consideration to this.

We are working to install solar thermal water heating systems and solar PV for electricity, with the aim of making all of our houses 100% powered by solar within the next 1-2 years.

Students are encouraged to fill reusable bottles from the purified drinking water we provide free at the houses, and as far as possible we avoid all single-use plastics.

The food we serve is produced largely using fresh ingredients that are in season and produced locally, helping to reduce the significant environmental damage done by unnecessarily transporting food around the world.

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