Accommodation & Social Experience

Your accommodation on our program is the Global Pre-Meds house, a real home from home. Living alongside like-minded students from across America and the wider world in what amounts to a great big family house, you’ll make friends for life and share once-in-a-lifetime experiences both in and out of the hospital.

We own and operate all of our own houses, and all are designed around the same model: Large social living spaces, open-plan kitchens, single-sex bedrooms shared between about four students in comfortable bunk beds, most with en-suite bathrooms and showers, and fantastic outdoor spaces to give it a real vacation feel!

We work hard to make this both the social heart of the program and also your sanctuary, a place to relax in comfort, reflect on your day in the hospital, study or just switch off. And we take your security and privacy seriously – all our houses have strict access rules and security guards wherever appropriate.

Supporting You: Our Local Team

Each Global Pre-Meds location is run by an experienced Manager who’s there to make sure you can get the most out of this incredible experience. It’s the Manager who will lead your welcome briefing when you first arrive, and he or she is often around the house should you need any help or just want advice.

Working under the Managers are our passionate teams who make every aspect of the program run like clockwork. Our Student Coordinators are there to help directly with any issues you have in the hospital, organize activities, and provide personal support with anything you need – from getting a local SIM card so you can call home to booking a weekend boat trip or even finding your favorite chocolate!

Our Chefs, Housekeepers and Groundskeepers are also all directly employed and trained by us, and all are important members of the Global Pre-Meds family that you’ll quickly feel at home with. In some locations we appoint professional Security Guards for added peace of mind and ensuring your privacy at the house.

Ruth Bragg, 19

Midwifery student at UWE Bristol, UK

The local team were excellent. So friendly and welcoming – I couldn’t fault them. Traben (our Student Coordinator) was fab, he really felt like part of the group and became genuine friends with everyone. He was so helpful on excursions out too! I really felt that I could ask him any questions I had and he could sort it. All the other house staff were so lovely and organised and looked out for each and every one of us.

Brittany De Leon, 21

Pre-Med student at Rockland Community College, New York

All of the staff went above and beyond to make the experience unforgettable. Miranda and Arnaud planned everything so I did not have to worry and they made me feel safe with everything we did. Sandra made sure there was everything I needed and was very sweet. All round an amazing team and amazing people.

Francesca Ward, 17

High School Student from London

All the staff were friendly and willing to help. Chantal gave us an overview of the rules and what was expected. She helped us to find everything and was very warm and welcoming. Santos’ cooking was amazing. There was a great variety of food and he was so nice in sometimes making us hot chocolate. Genesis helped us to organize the activities we wanted to go and everyone was wonderful.This was the best trip I have ever been on.

Tasty Home-Cooked Food

Great food is an important part of any travel experience, and even more so after a busy day in the hospital! Every house has a full-time Global Pre-Meds Chef who prepares a full breakfast and evening dinner five days a week.

Our focus is on using great quality, fresh, local, seasonal ingredients to provide meals with a strong sense of the local culture; but we recognise that not everyone has the same taste, so mix in some good international favorites too. Life in the Caribbean wouldn’t be complete without barbecues by the pool as the sun goes down, and Chef Santos does them in style!

We always offer a vegetarian option, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate other specific dietary requirements as far as we can. Please bear in mind that local availability of some specialist items can be limited – so if you have any severe allergies/intolerances or religious/cultural beliefs that restrict what you can eat it’s important that you tell us well in advance of your program start date to help us accommodate these or advise on alternatives.

Free Time Activities

Most of your afternoons will be free time, and our Student Coordinators are on hand to help organize activities such as escapes to the beach, boat trips, horseback riding, ATV adventures or cultural tours. They also know the local area well, so can always point you in the direction of the best coffee shops, markets, bars or viewpoints for that all-important Instagram triumph!

Once a week we encourage everyone to join in our two-hour community involvement activity, which can be anything from a beach clean-up to cooking in a local homeless shelter or helping at an orphanage. It’s our chance to show local people that we value being part of their community, and want to give a little something back.

Our Programs

Our University Program is open to all students aged 18 and over who are seeking to pursue a career in medicine or healthcare. It is a two-week residential program, which can be extended in further two-week blocks for students wanting more hours clinical experience and the opportunity to shadow different doctors.

Our High School Program operates in exactly the same way as the University Program, but is exclusively for students aged 16-18 and has more organised activities outside the hospital and a higher level of supervision 24 hours a day.

Our High School Spring Break 2021 program offers a condensed experience for 16-18 year olds that can completed in just one week.

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